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Greenlaw Mountain Hawk Watch

The Greenlaw Mountain Hawk Watch program provides important information on the migratory patterns of raptors and changes in their populations and migratory behaviour. The following objectives are proposed for the GMHW project:

  1. To determine the species of hawks and the number of each species that migrate through New Brunswick by identifying and counting hawks as they pass Greenlaw Mountain during the peak of fall migration
  2. To train volunteers to identify and count raptors during the peak fall migration period (August 24 to November 15)
  3. To detect trends in raptor populations by conducting annual counts and sending the data to the Hawk Monitoring Association of North America
  4. To provide government agencies with important information about raptors
  5. To increase public awareness about raptors and the need to conserve their habitats
  6. To encourage or inspire other people in Atlantic Canada to establish a hawk watch and to report their data to the Hawk Migration Association of North America(HMANA)
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Greenlaw Mountain Hawkwatch
Hawk Interactions at GMHW
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Volunteers Needed

Volunteer observers are a very important part of this project. The role of the volunteer is to help spot hawks. People of all skill levels are encourage to take part. Todd Watts will be on site to identify the incoming hawks and instruct the volunteers.

People can volunteer for a few hours, a day, one day a week or whatever works for them. Volunteers require a pair of seven to ten power binoculars.

Todd can be contacted via email at or by phoning 506-529-4656.

This project was made possible through the generous support of the New Brunswick Wildlife Trust Fund

NB Wildlife Trust Fund